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STRANGE KEYWORLDは地形と操作が連動する、ちょっぴり変わったパズルプラットフォーマーです。

Download Nowをクリックすると、「金払え」的な画面が表示されますが、『No thanks, just take me to the downloads』っていうところをクリックすれば、無料でダウンロード出来ます。もし、このゲームを遊んで「お金を払う価値のある体験だった」と感じたなら、そのときはお金を払っていただけると嬉しいです。


This is a puzzle platformer that is a little bit different, where the terrain and controls are interlocked.

When you click on the Download Now, you'll see a screen that says "Pay up". But if you click on "No thanks, just take me to the downloads", you can download it for free. If you played this game and felt it was an "experience worth paying for," then I'd be happy to pay you for it.


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STRANGE KEYWORLD_Ver1.03_Windows64bit.zip 22 MB
STRANGE KEYWORLD_Ver1.03_Windows32bit.zip 19 MB


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Thank you so much for such a fun and smart game!

A very good game, even if it's short, and even when I finished, I could finish again because it fun.

I also found the true end.

Great game!!

This game likes so good, but my computer don't have the arrows, can you do with Wasd too in a next version?

No update is planned.

To play this game fully, I need a keyboard that has the arrow keys and can press two or more keys simultaneously.


Very innovative! I liked it a lot!

순식간에 모두 클리어 했다.

어렵지 않은 적당한 난이도의 아주 재밌는 게임이였다.

감사합니다. good 

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The game mechanic was cool. I really enjoyed it! Pity I couldn't solve the last few puzzles hahaha ><

Heya! I featured your game again if anyone is interested! Congrats! 

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Really great game!

I don't know why but I'm stuck at the box room.

I could press all the key in "spike" and "down" simultaneously but not "box".

It's possible to press down "bo" ,"ox" and "bx" in the same time, but when I press the third one, nothing happened.

Same situation happened in Chrome, Edge browser and Win64 version.


Uh...that's what I was afraid of.
You may have already lost interest in this game, but I'll fix that.

Updated to Ver1.02.
BOX has been fixed.

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Thank you for fixing it.

It is very kind of you!

The fix is very cute and clever.

I progress and finish the game.

It was tons of fun, I really enjoy it.

I spent some time in the loop room, trying to clip myself into the wall.

I notice sometimes the keys would flash when you pass the room and sometimes don't, but mainly figured it out by taking hint from my friend.

I got a little distracted when I found that I couldn't press "?". 

Later on, I found the way to progress by watching other's playthrough.

It's really sneaky! But I appreciate this kind of stuff which remind me a lot about early games and internet.


Thank you for playing

Man this is a crazy game. Had a lot of fun playing it. 




Is there a 32-bit version of this game?

Thank you for your comment.

A 32bit version is also available.

Hey Guys! Your game came in 7th out of 50+ itch.io games this week! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy to have been able to feature your game twice now and I can't wait for more! 


CONGRATULATIONS! Party popperStrange Keyworld took the #2 spot today! I LOVE the unique concept of your game! Great job!