Move the map with dice,

Battle with dice,

Decide your fate with dice!

『Tenmei Dice Battle』is a turn-based battle game. You use dice to move around the map and dice to battle enemies.

Use your SKILL to reach the "End" of the 100th square!

Your wits and luck will be tested.


How to Play

・Press the buttons at the bottom of the screen to advance the game.

・Hover your mouse over some of the icons to see a description. Check them out!

・You can clear the game in about 20-40 minutes.



・Left click: Action

・Mouse wheel: Map scroll

・[A][D]・[←][→] :Change game speed


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『TenmeiDiceBattle』 20 MB
『TenmeiDiceBattle』 23 MB
『天命ダイスバトル』 20 MB
『天命ダイスバトル』 23 MB


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Good game. I almost made it to the end, but the unexpected 8 damage from 4 and 1 dice crushed all hope of winning.

Fantastic game, very creative and well put together. Inspiring too. Thank you for making it.

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dude this game is so cool, the music is awesome, the design is incredible, and the game is really fun! good job mate!

by the way i got all the way to the 42nd thing

Hi, is it possible to get a web version of this game? Looks great!


WebGL version released

I don't like the strange frame around the game, but ...

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Beat the game on the third try! Wow, I have so many good things to say about this game. The way that the MP could be used on the map and battle, the healing of MP when you take damage, the creative enemy attacks.. Great job. I hope you continue to make awesome games like this.

Edit: Oh yeah, I noticed one tiny bug - the final boss covers its own dice sometimes.


Thank you for playing!

The last boss is clever, so maybe that's how he's trying to confuse the player. We need to watch carefully and not be fooled!